AFS Logistics, LLC

AFS provides logistics solutions to over 1,500 clients of all sizes and industries including Supply Chain Solutions, Intermodal, Truckload, International, LTL, Parcel, Risk Management, Freight Payment and Audit.

FocustApps initially worked on improving an existing Microsoft Azure SharePoint environment. After meeting with the AFS team to help better understand their goals with SharePoint, FocustApps started by creating a custom theme along with developing a more personalized SharePoint portal experience. After putting into place, the improved experience leads to an increased user adoption by AFS employees with the SharePoint portal. These improvements then lead to an opportunity for new product development. By combining the SharePoint portal with some of Microsoft’s latest Business Intelligence solutions, FocustApps was able to create an entirely new product. This custom SharePoint application now allows AFS customers the ability to gain better insight and analytics to their related data. Additional projects FocustApps designed includes a web application and providing R&D for an Augmented Reality mobile application proof of concept.