Migrating Information To New Platforms

As businesses grow and technologies evolve, to perform a system migration seems to be an inevitable decision for almost every company. And then, the most significant stopping point occurs. How do we migrate our information and applications successfully with minimal or no downtime?

Typically, when using traditional migration methods and technologies, operations have to be halted during the migration – which equates to downtime. All businesses dread downtime. Additionally, moving information to new platforms also involves risk. And, the more considerable the storage footprint, the longer the process will take, and the bigger the risk. In the case of extensive systems, migrations can span hours or days. 

Furthermore, most internal IT departments attempting to assemble various tools to perform migrations are far from quick or assured. Besides moving data and applications, manually configuring the new platform to match the original system adds to the time, expense, and hassle.  And that doesn’t include extensive testing to ensure all applications are functioning correctly on the new platform. 

With so many factors contributing to a successful data migration project, FocustApps can help your business get started by creating a migration readiness assessment (MRA). This MRA will identify areas or issues that could unexpectedly prolong data migration downtime when migrating to a different database from the source database. Once we’ve completed your MRA, we can help pave the way for a successful migration process.

And when the time comes, FocustApps helps your business migrate your system without incurring excess downtime.  One of the first things we consider is the data residing in your databases – is there some data that does not need migration? FocustApps consults with your IT administrators, application developers, and business leaders to determine which data sources need to migrate and which can be removed from the process. The next step is to consider whether there is any data requiring processing before migration to reduce data volumes or improve data quality. FocustApps works with your team to carefully evaluate existing data resources and the rationale for migrating them. This process reduces the volume of data to be relocated, shorten migration time, and potentially avoid problems and delays. 

Keep your business moving and avoid the data migration stopping point. FocustApps has an array of database services and migration tools that will help you through the migration process. Reach out to Blake Patterson today at 502.907.6593 for more details.