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Are Your Web Applications Secure?

Most businesses focused the last two years on keeping their company cyber-safe in their cloud-based systems while switching to remote work. However, not much consideration has been given to web application security. The cyberwar in Ukraine has given attention to what we all know instinctively – cybercriminals are getting more innovative, more organized, and more resourceful. Web application attacks, from API-based threats to distributed denial of service (DDoS), are growing fast, and their tactics are getting more sophistication.

The Pros and Cons of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the third version of the internet and will bring a pattern shift in the way users browse, socially interact, or shop. While Web 2.0 provides better communication and online interactions, this newer version will focus on improving personalization, collective ownership, and sharing of content.

Why Your Application Should Integrate with Sales CRM

Your relationship with your customers is the core of your business. So, managing this relationship using a CRM is critical to building brand loyalty and your revenue. Since CRM systems are essential in tracking customers and automating workflows, it makes sense for successful businesses to rely on a custom Application to automate processes with their CRM and streamline a customer’s journey through the sales funnel.

Six Reasons To Choose Web Apps

It seems these days every business is moving towards web apps for servicing or selling their products. There is a good reason – web apps are the future. Their development continues to grow over desktops apps, and experts predict they will experience even more increases in the years to come. So here are six reasons to consider when deciding whether to develop desktop or web apps.

Five Reasons to Add Electronic Forms to Mobile & Web Applications

Forms are an essential component of a business. While paper forms can often be a hassle, electronic forms offer a new set of benefits for capturing, storing, and retrieving documents for your business. Here are five reasons why you should consider adding electronic forms to your Mobile or Web Applications. 1. Storage  It’s expensive and …

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Five Reasons Web Apps Are Important

Web applications are essential for several reasons. They offer many advantages, one being they perform all of the necessary functions utilizing a web browser instead of installed software. Plus, cloud-based functionality has web apps becoming an essential component of business in today’s expanding world. Organizations are embracing and creating web applications with the help of developers to meet their business demands. Here are five reasons to consider web apps.

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