A boutique agency specializing in live TV, commercial, informercial and print models. jta chose to work with FocustApps

jta was seeking a partner to help streamline and modernize a pivotal process of their revenue collection. The FocustApps team was able to gain a better understand of the existing process and determine a solid solution to accomplish their needs and goals. By developing a mobile and web application working in tandem, FocustApps was able to reduce overall process time and generate a modernized, efficient flow. Additionally, the applications reduced the number of erroneous entries from the previous paper-based process, and reduce the amount of paper being used, printed, and scanned. All of this significantly reduced unnecessary time spent on menial tasks by jta leadership.



The jta application allows models to use a mobile device for filling out vouchers. Models will be able to login to the application, see previous Vouchers, add new Vouchers, add multiple Line Items to Vouchers, and edit Vouchers and Line Items.

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