Our Services

From digital strategy, project management, rapid prototyping, and execution, our in-house team of specialists is here to serve you. We develop a deep level of understanding of your customers through strategic analysis, and then aim to create and deliver world-class, industry-leading software solutions through collaborative agile thinking.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach in what we do. FocustApps takes pride in our ability to deliver the best possible solution directly addressing the challenges your customers face. Here is what we do:


Custom, Mobile-First Software

From web to mobile solutions, we are here to tailor an experience created specifically for your business. We strive for scalability, flexibility, and simplicity in what we build, so we can provide cross-platform solutions within an environment maximizing your ROI time and time again.


Business Intelligence

Do you know how your customers are engaging with your applications? Our Business Intelligence solution is a toolset designed to help transform raw data into meaningful, actionable analytics. We can unlock the potential of your data by turning software into a powerhouse of revenue.


Cloud Technology

With the latest advancement in cloud services, this technology has provided us with flexibility as we’ve never seen before to scale up or down for your business. We have the feasibility to respond to market demand quickly and efficiently, helping you focus on what you do best for your business while letting us ensure your business operations are running smooth.

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SharePoint Integration

SharePoint is a customizable team software collaboration platform used to help store, organize, share, and access information. We will take your teams to the next level and maximize in-team collaboration by integrating SharePoint into your business.