Our Work

From digital strategy, project management, rapid prototyping, and execution, our in-house team of specialists works tirelessly to serve our clients with custom desktop & mobile applications.

With over 10 years of experience in delivering world-class software solutions and managerial-level consulting across North America, we are dedicated to our client’s success. Take a look below at some of our work:



TRAC EZBook is a mobile application for drivers to reserve chassis for pick up. Drivers can go into the application and state he/she needs X number of chassis. Drivers will be shown what location has the adequate amount of chassis required. From there the driver can go ahead and reserve those chassis for pick up.


IRIS is a mobile application helping TRAC maneuver through repairing inevitable damage on company assets. Inspectors will use the application to fill out information on the damage sustained. An inspector will input necessary information such as license plate number, chassis ID, and asset location.

TRAC MechanicStar

TRAC MechanicStar is a mobile application, designed for TRAC Interstar, and used on the vendor and mechanic end of things. Vendors receive information pertaining to the driver’s incident and can determine if they want/can perform the job.

TRAC RoadStar

TRAC RoadStar is a mobile application deployed to truck drivers to give them a way to file incidents on the road when they arise.

TRAC Work Queue

TRAC Work Queue is a desktop platform allowing vendors and truckers the power to communicate with one another to optimize their daily tasks and streamline workflow. Through Work Queue, TRAC coordinators and vendors can coordinate and prioritize work items from repairs to deliveries, while truckers can receive real-time updates on their requests and communicate with the respective parties accordingly.