TRAC Interstar

TRAC Interstar Breakdown Repair has a lengthy history of leadership in the transportation industry. How did we get here? Proven performance, time after time, built on the shoulders of technological innovation and responsive customer service.

TRAC Interstar needed a more modern and capable system for their dispatchers. More specifically, they had defined metrics a new system would need to improve including vendor response time, vendor dispatch time, vendor completion time, and a number of incidents closed per day. After the FocustApps team met with TRAC Interstar’s dispatchers it became clear only developing a dispatch system was not going to be sufficient to achieve the overall goals. So it was determined FocustApps would center on putting together a comprehensive plan ensuring the new system would integrate with current ones, have a low learning curve, maintain existing essential features, and cover known edge cases. To execute this plan, FocustApps built a web application for the dispatchers and two mobile applications covering the vendors and drivers. TRAC Interstar has continued to partner with FocustApps on feature enhancements, support, metrics tracking, and more.

RoadStar Mechanic

TRAC MechanicStar is a mobile application, designed for TRAC Interstar, and used on the vendor and mechanic end of things. Vendors receive information pertaining to the driver’s incident and can determine if they want/can perform the job.

RoadStar Driver

TRAC RoadStar is a mobile application deployed to truck drivers to give them a way to file incidents on the road when they arise.